Triple Image: Sisters Who Pop

Are you or your younger sis into high energy tunes you can dance to? Identical blonde 13-year-old twins Bridgett and Brittney and their sis Brianna, 12, used to go to Universal Citiwalk in Florida and record CD's just for fun. They would dance, sing, make up rhymes and when everyone told the girls they should form a group and get serious, they did just that.

Their mom had to work two jobs to afford to get her girls singing and dance lessons. . The result is a charming girl group called "Triple Image" and their CD Celebrate is full of upbeat dance tunes and ballads for younger teens who just "Wanna Have Fun". The girls recorded the classic Cindy Lauper tune and it's their fave on the album. At a dance they each want to be the "Last One Standing", the title of their video. These young women don't try to be anything they're not. They're in the game for the fun of performing.

We interviewed the trio and Brittney spoke for herself and her energetic sisters.

TeenMusic: Who are your favorite groups or singers?

B: Bridgett likes Janet Jackson and Madonna and Brianna likes Creed and I like Alicia Keys.

TeenMusic:How was working with Aaron Carter?

B: We went on tour with him for two months and we opened for him and he was so much fun. We had a great time. We didn't want days off because we were having so much fun performing and going on stage and hanging out with him because he's really cool.

TeenMusic:What was the hardest thing about shooting your video for "Last One Standing".?

B: Nothing hard, just staying up late but there's nothing hard about it. We had a great time. We didn't think about how long it was going to take.

TeenMusic:It is hard for Brianna to be the 3rd sister who isn't a twin?

B: I think Brianna is fine without being a twin. It's the same as being as twin. She doesn't feel differently from me or Bridgett.

TeenMusic:Who is the most positive and upbeat of you girls?

B:Probably me. Because I'm always like 'come on you guys, we've gotta rehearse, we've got to do this and do it more, practice again and again.

TeenMusic:Are you working on a new album now?

B: Not right now. We released our album last August and we're performing and doing tours. I think we're going to be recording our next album soon.

TeenMusic:Do you want to write any of your songs?

B: Yeah. That would be really cool but I've never written songs before so I'm not sure if I could or not. Maybe. We do rhymes.

TeenMusic:People saw you together singing along with music at the House of Blues and said you should be a group? What was the first song you all sang together?

B: We wanted to sing but we didn't get connections. My older sister had connections but we didn't tell her. We didn't go up to mom and say 'mommy, we want to sing' until other people started saying that we should be a group. We thought maybe this would be good for us. We can sing and we like to dance. Maybe, if other people are saying it, it's something that we could do.

TeenMusic:First song you sang together?

B: The first song we recorded together was "All About You" . It's not on our album but it was the first one.

TeenMusic:Your mom had to work really hard to get you guys singing and dancing lessons. What is the coolest thing about your mom?

B: The coolest thing about my mom is that she's helped us through. If there's something she thinks is not right for us, she won't do it. She guides us along the way. If we don't feel comfortable with something, she helps us.

TeenMusic:Do you still home school and do you ever feel you are missing something not going to a school with a lot of other kids?

B: We are still homeschooled. I don't think we're missing anything. When I first started, I thought that only people who sing were homeschooled. But then I met a lot people that are homeschooled, just regular people. I think we learn more in a period of time than they would at school. We learn more in a day than they do at regular school.

TeenMusic:Does anybody have a boyfriend?

B: We're not allowed to have boyfriends. We can have guy friends but we're not allowed to have boyfriends until we're a lot older. If my mom would let us, we probably wouldn't because we're more focused on our career and we want to stay kids and be able to have fun as kids and not worry about boys breaking out hearts or something.

TeenMusic:What qualities do you each look for in a guy to just hang out with?

B: They would have to have a good personality and they have to be cute. And they have to get along with my friends and be really like family. My family needs to like him a lot and he should be talkative and carry a conversation and not be so quiet.

TeenMusic:Do you have pets and what are their names?

B: We have four dogs and a cat. We have two Yorkie puppies, Skippy and Sadie, a German Shephard, Storm and we have a Llasha Apso-Shitzu called Shaggy and the cat is a calico named Patches.

TeenMusic:What is your fave song on the Celebrate CD and why?

B: I would say "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" because it's one of the most fun to perform. We're up there, we're girls and we're having fun doing what we like to do.

TeenMusic:What song would you like to cover and do your own version and why?

B: When we get older we'd like to do "It's Raining Men". Only when we get older because we like that song. It's funny. We don't like the "raining men" part but we like the song and get into it and it's fun to perform.

TeenMusic:What would each of you be doing it you weren't singing?

B: Probably, I would want to an actress and I think Bridgett would want to be a teacher or an actress too and Brianna would probably be a veterinarian because she loves animals.

TeenMusic:What advice would you give to young teens who want to sing and dance?

B: Just you've got to find good connections and have fun at what you do and don't let it be serious and don't consider something you like to do as work.

TeenMusic:What is your dream for the future?

B: Hopefully selling lots of albums and doing as many appearances and performances as we can and meeting a lot of fans and seeing their reactions.

TeenMusic:Do you all want to go to college?

B: We would like to go to college even if we have to do a homeschooling version.

TeenMusic:What about doing a t.v. show on Nickelodeon? Is that going to happen?

B: I don't know. That would be cool in the future after our signing has gone well.

TeenMusic:What do each of you think you do pretty badly?

B: I can't cook. I can't even cook noodles. They come out soggy like nasty and gross and Brianna can't play ping pong. She can't keep the ball on the table. Bridgett can't do backflips.

TeenMusic:Favorite t.v. shows?

B: My fave show is going to be on Disney. It's called Lizzy Maguire. Brianna likes Rug Rats the cartoon. Bridgett likes As Told By Ginger and we like That's So Raven the comedy.

TeenMusic:Favorite movie?

B: We liked Enough with Jennifer Lopez. We love that movie. Best we've ever seen.

TeenMusic:Favorite actor and actress?

B: My favorite actor is Freddie Prinze Jr. and my fave actress is Jennifer Lopez. Bridgett's favorite actress is Reece Witherspoon and actor is Ben Affleck. Brianna likes Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts and Ryan Phillippe.

TeenMusic:What would you like to say to your fans?

B: Thank you so much for buying our album and supporting us and we love you...


Lynn Barker is a Hollywood-based entertainment journalist and produced screenwriter.

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