No More Piercings For "Scary" Christina

Pop wild child Christina Aguilera has toned down her "scary" pierced look after terrifying young fans on her recent world tour.

The singer has removed all her piercings apart from one, which she keeps in "a special place," after one backstage encounter with a young devotee made her realise she was scaring kids.

"I didn't want to overwhelm the kids. I think I scared a couple on my last tour. I would have these meet-and-greet lines right before I did a show and there were a few little kids that were afraid to take a picture with me.

"Between the black leather chaps... and the black hair - for my opening stage act - it was a little overwhelming for some of these kids.

"One of them finally gets up here to meet me and the mom was like, 'So go ahead BILLY, go and take a picture with Christina. Don't be shy. She won't bite,' and she kind of pushes him up and he runs back behind his mother and goes, 'But mom, she's scary.'

"I didn't know whether to laugh or really feel bad."

But she has decided to start the new year with another new look - and she has announced she's done with her piercings.

She adds, "I lost my nose and my lip ring. I removed them. The tour was over and so I took them out. I still have one remaining.

"I'm done with it. I love change. I change my hair a lot; I change my look a lot."

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