Robbie Williams' Gym Encounter With Eminem

British pop star Robbie Williams became friends with Eminem after a chance meeting in a Los Angeles gym.

The Rock DJ singer couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Eminem walk into the exercise room and was amazed when the 8 Mile star was equally interested in him.

Williams recalls, "I saw Eminem at the gym once. It was in LA and I saw a load of bodyguards come in first and thought 'aye, aye, who's this then?' And it was Eminem.

"He walks past and I say to my bodyguard 'hey, look, Eminem's in' and I turned around and he was saying 'look it's Robbie Williams' and we both said 'Wassup?'

"He sent me his single once Without Me. I suppose when I write one I like, I'll send him one of mine."

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