Concert Review: 'Destiny Fulfilled' with Mario

The "Destiny Fulfilled ... And I'm Lovin It" tour was a show for all five senses Sunday night at FedExForum.

The women of Destiny's Child let the audience feel the heat the minute they popped through a trap door on the stage dressed in neon purple, gold and orange sequined dresses and pants.

The trio let the audience hear their medley of hits and - standing against a backdrop of neon lights that was enough to light up downtown Memphis - they weren't any trouble to see.

What a way to end a career. The mega-popular R&B girl group has decided to call it quits after a 75-city tour scheduled to end Sept. 10 in Vancouver.

Memphis was the second stop on this last tour and it was worth the ticket price that ranged from $47 to $77.

In glittery gowns, the three women who have grown up before our eyes hit the stage with "Say My Name," and the audience obeyed, screaming "Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle" as the trio worked their way through their first No. 1 hit, dating back to 1997.

From there the group sent out a call for all "Independent Women" to throw their hands in the air, and with cell phones blinking in the blackness, the women in the audience once again did what they were told.

Destiny's Child was in control and the cheering crowd let them know they were appreciated.

Taylor Ross, 10, of Memphis said she was happy to be at the show as a pre-birthday gift from her mom, Cynthia Ross.

"I am sad they are breaking up the group, but glad because I get to see them before they split up," Taylor said. "I love Beyonce and Kelly the best. They are so exotic and I know all their songs and dance moves."

After tearing through their hits from "Bootylicious" to "Survivor," each of the three got to showcase how they have collectively sold 50 million albums worldwide since forming in 1990.

Michelle Williams, 24, the first of the group to release a solo album, received much love from the audience, taking the crowd to church as she sang a solo gospel song from her 2002 album "Heart to Yours."

Kelly Rowland was next up, and she asked the audience to help her sing her Grammy-winning duet "Dilemma" since rapper Nelly was not on hand to help.

Then came "B" as in Beyonce, who performed her show-stopping hits "Baby Boy" and "Dangerously In Love."

Beyonce can dance, and she showed her stuff doing her now-famous "Beyonce Bounce" as she left stage.

Unlike hip-hop shows that just have a black curtain behind the artists, each time the women of Destiny's Child appeared onstage the set changed colors. Moving staircases appeared out of nowhere, and with their initials "D.C." in 6-foot-high letters above their heads, the trio went out on top in Memphis.

"Memphis, we are so glad to be here and we love y'all," yelled Beyonce as the crowd screamed for more.

The Destiny's Child set was preceded by one-name wonders Amerie and Mario, who went onstage shortly after 7 p.m.

R&B diva in the making Amerie and heartthrob Mario rocked the house in separate 40-minute sets.

Amerie was first up and had the unenviable task of warming up the crowd before the Destiny's Child lovefest started.

The 22-year-old was good, but she could learn a few tricks from Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle. But the crowd was nice to her and screamed when she sang her Billboard hit "1 Thing."

Performing since he was 4 year old, 19-year-old Mario had the women in his palm of his hand when he jetted on stage in black sunglasses and baggy jeans.

As he gyrated and worked the crowd, he slowed things down for a minute and threw in a tribute to R&B love song king Luther Vandross, who died this month.

From there Mario ended with his hot hit, the heartbreak plea "Let Me Love You."

Like a true gentleman, he ended his set by thanking his fans and Destiny's Child. And he should have, because it's not often you get to take part in one of the hottest tours of the year.

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