Parachute is Remembering "The Way It Was"

Parachute is Remembering "The Way It Was"

Hey, who really knew that cute Will Anderson (lead vocals, guitar, piano) for the mellow rock band Parachute was into the latest from Selina Gomez and Taylor Swift? Why not? Hot ladies! Parachute is on the last leg of their tour with Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch but their new album “The Way It Was” is out on May 17th.

Will is telling TeenMusic the truth behind many of the band’s best new songs and music videos, the reason for the nostalgic album title and he's talking his friendship with Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence! Check it out and check out Parachute: Will, Kit French (sax, keyboards, vocals), Alex Hargrave (bass), Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Nate McFarland (lead guitar, vocals).

Parachute's new album "The Way It Was"TeenMusic: You guys seem to tour more than some bands. Do you just love the live fan feedback or what?  

Will: We come from the school of thought that touring is what makes a band a band and the more you play the better you get as a band and that transfers over to the studio so we think a live show is everything. I really feel that we love connecting with the fans and seeing their immediate response and getting their feedback is always a good thing.

TeenMusic: Back in ’09, you spoke of this unknown named Jennifer Lawrence who was on your music video for “The Mess I Made”. Now, she’s an Oscar nominee and star of The Hunger Games. Do you still keep in touch with her?

Will: I'm really lucky to call Jenn one of my good friends. Meeting on a video shoot is always a funny thing, since you don't really know each other and suddenly you're hanging out and talking face to face on a bed.

She was amazing though. We could tell when we met her that she was going places. Here was this amazingly talented actress, and just an incredible person who also happened to be gorgeous. How could we not ask her to be in the video? Seeing her get nominated for the Oscar was amazing. No one deserves it more than her and it's awesome to see her getting casted in such rad roles!

TeenMusic: When we last spoke with you in 2009, you guys were on the way to the beach in L.A. and about to go on two tours. How have you guys changed personally since then and how has your sound evolved? You are still concentrating on human relationship joys and traumas, right?

Will: Yeah, I think everything kind of revolves around that for us. I think we’ve become a better band in those last two years as a result of touring and being in the studio so much. I feel like we’ve grown up a little bit and really focused our sound and what we want to be as a band. We know now and have a really good sense of it. We had an idea when we were younger but I feel like now, it’s really clear to us where we fit in the music scene and how we’re gonna make a name for ourselves.

TeenMusic: You were pretty stoked by the Shakira video “She Wolf” in ’09. What is your guilty listening pleasure now?

ParachuteWill: I love Selena Gomez. Her new record is amazing. Not necessarily the thing that a lot of guys my age are probably listening to but I can’t get enough of it. Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” another one that not a guilty pleasure at all. It’s just a great record that, again, is probably not the norm for guys my age but I still love it.

TeenMusic: Why call the album “The Way It Was”? Are you nostalgic for your past or something?

Will: We’re not really nostalgic as much as reflective I think. I’ve said that phrase twice in a couple of songs and we just thought it was fitting for the mood of the album which is reflecting on where we’ve been and kind of where life is going. What we don’t want to do is a concept album about our younger years. Not at all. I think it’s just we just took a line that was powerful from a song called “American Secrets” and we went with it.

TeenMusic: I really like “What I Know”.  The subject matter is sad.. guy’s girl has found somebody else but I love the beat. What’s the history on that one?

Will: I wrote “What I Know” when I was in Russia visiting a friend after a European tour with Kelly Clarkson and I listened to a lot of Sam Cook and West African music so it was one of those songs that just kinda came to me and it’s a little upbeat. It’s funny because the subject matter is sad but it’s one of our favorite songs to play live and probably one of our favorite songs off the new record.

TeenMusic: The video for “Something to Believe In” is you guys in the studio; simple but hot. Can you tip us on upcoming music videos, the style, etc.?

Will: We released three music videos and we have one more coming out for “What I Know” the week of album release. We just wanted the music videos to be simple and not distract from the song but I think the “What I Know” music video is a live music video which is what we thought the song really had; a lot of live energy. We thought it was a good idea to reflect that in the video. That’s a fun, live video that will be out once the album comes out.

TeenMusic: “Kiss Me Slowly” was written with Lady Antebellum. How did that partnership come about?

Will: Lady A are good friends of mine who I was writing with for another artist and just loved the song so much and decided we needed it for our record so I called them and said “Don’t give the song to just anybody” and they were kind enough to let us have it and I changed the lyrics and we went with it and it worked out great.Parachute

TeenMusic: “You and Me” is about a couple on the run from the cops.  History on that one? It would make a great music video. Good, visual story.

Will: Yeah. That one was a couple of different songs merged into one. It was actually one of the first songs I’d started for this new album when I said we were going to start writing for it. We were in Europe and in the van and I started writing that song. It was one of those ones that just came really quickly. Took a while synthesize the different versions of it but the overall idea was there and the lyric was something I had always toyed with and really wanted to get into a song.

TeenMusic: What tunes from the album are going to be heard in films or TV shows?

Will: I don’t know. There are a bunch of them. “Something to Believe In” will definitely be featured in a couple of things for release week. Not exactly sure at this point.

TeenMusic: Which song on the new album is closest to your heart and why?

Will: I think “American Secrets” is closest to my heart. It’s definitely one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written and it became readily apparent that we needed a song like that where I kind of bare my soul to wrap things up for the album. There was a piece of the puzzle that needed to be there so “American Secrets” was the song that filled that void.

TeenMusic: Any new fan contests planned like when you picked a fan to photograph you in NYC?

Will: Yeah, we’re going to do some contests leading up to the album release this week and more importantly, I think, throughout the summer as we tour with Goo Goo Dolls, we should have a lot of opportunities for fans.Parachute

TeenMusic: Okay, who is waiting at home for each of you or are you guys mostly single?

Will: I’m single. A couple of us are single. A couple of guys have girlfriends and Nate is married. It’s a wide difference. I have my parents at home waiting for me.

TeenMusic: What is the message you would most like to get out to your fans right now?

Will: Pick up the album! I guarantee you’ll like it. Everybody we’ve played it for loves it. Hopefully, everybody can find a song on there that they really enjoy if not the whole album.

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